Demon Raider The Death Stalker
(Hardcover - Softcover - Ebook
First Edtion Release Date: July 31, 2015

Demon Raider The Death Stalker, begins with Dark finally finding himself in the Dwarven city of Duergar, an instrument of revenge, as he sets his plan for vengeance in motion. Aided by powerful artifacts, under the guise of a jester and sets out to destroy the Halfling Guild.

Dark, using the skills of an assassin and his all-powerful arsenal of magical spells, causing murder and mayhem against the leaders of the Guilds and their followers. One by one, they will all pay for the injustice carried out to his parents with their very lives!

Darkness will fall upon the Kingdom of Duergar as the most feared assassin on eorth rises up against the sinister forces assembling through some sort of secret society known only as the Illuminati. Aided by the Drow, a dark skinned sub-race of the Elves and a growing pack of Lycanthropes, Kalifen cospires to control world affairs and gain enough power to establish a New World Order. for the one true god, the Shadow Lord.

secret societies where prophecy and divination collide...inside are pages filled with werewolves, vampires and a seventy foot zombie, Oh My!